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We provide a full arrays of services to businesses that are seeking to expand into overseas markets to sell goods or services, or by  expanding their operations in form of building new facility, install and commissioning manufacturing equipment in some corner of the Globe to launch new products closer to their consumers.

As part of our service, our team will research, analyze and assess current trends in areas such as renewable energy, storage technologies, automation, robotics, Industry 4.0, as well as smart power grids, smart buildings, and smart cities. With our increasing expert knowledge in one or more high tech industries such as power, manufacturing, and building technologies we can play a vital role in your market expansion strategy to find, sell, maintain and increase your company’s bottom line. Haalufa USA Companies through its Project Controls Organization Group will act as a thought-partner with its internal research teams & consultants to help solve any constraints associated with your company’s plan into new markets.

To begin your next Step

We support all type of business expansion plans and our dedicated team at is ready to support you find your new market, we invite to click here to complete the request form to inform us of your expansion plan.

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