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A Project Implementation Plan is used to identify activities associated with an implementation to ensure adequate preparation has taken place and adequate contingencies are in place.

  1. Defining project objectives and the business goal.
  2. Getting started.
  3. Identifying the main requirements of the system.
  4. Developing a training plan for staff and members.
  5. Preparing the project work plan and budget.
  6. Establishing a participatory monitoring and evaluation system.

Haalufa USA, Inc through its PMO Group has advanced Project Controls Professionals with many years of experiences in managing projects are ready to help you develop and implement a plan for you new Capital Projects in any regions of the World.

We offer turned key solutions that include, but not limited to assist your organization to develop a well-grounded Project Implementation Plan, Evaluate and select a Project Controls Software to run your project, Set-up your Project with all parameters to aid during Project Executions and Controls to hire Project Controls Staff to get your project off the ground. Please click here for a free consultation.

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