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Our Project Controls Team Member Software fully integrates accounting, scheduling, estimating and cost reporting information. At any point during the Project Life-cycle, our Project Controls Team Member Software can yield BI Data to any specific function or process within your company’s system to create reports that can drive actions and provide added value to your company’s business efforts. Please click here to learn more about Project Controls Team Member Software.

Below are some areas among others within your Project’s Organization  where data files can be pulled for your BI reporting creation and presentation.

  1. Estimating System Data.
  2. Estimate Quality Data.
  3. Subcontractor/Supplier Management Data.
  4. Quality Assurance/Quality Control Data.
  5. Project Cost Tracking Data.
  6. Project Schedule Data.

Our team will help evaluate, analyze and Integrate data from Project Controls Team Member Software to customize  your Ad-Hoc Report from your operational data to assess past, present, and future business information while keeping track of your overall project’s performance.


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